Sunday, January 16, 2011

Rehoming Petunia

PETunia is a full grown registered Red Wattle Sow. She has been our daughter's pet and the farm's spokes- pig. She is gentle friendly and personable. She just can't go to the apartment with us or off to the college dorms with KC.

So we started  looking for a new home for PETunia. PETunia was one of the first Red Wattles we ever had on the farm. She is definitely the friendliest and smartest RW we've had. The pic is PETunia with the kids who came out to the farm from Camp Palawopec this summer. She let them pet her and touch her wattles even out in the pasture. In the evening, the barn hen and rooster use her as a perch when it's cold. She doesn't mind a bit. In the morning if you are late to let her out to pasture, she lets herself out and goes on walkabout.

KC fell in love with her and claimed her as her own. This is one of those glitches in my world. KC hates dirt and is horrified of germs. I've never ceased to marvel that of all the animals on the farm she picked a pig for her special pet. Go figure?! But fall in love with her she did and PETunia was elevated from barnyard critter to PET. So her we are re-homing her instead of sending her to the processor like a regular hog.
Petunia will be going home with her new family on Friday. Bye bye PETunia we'll miss you. :^(

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