Sunday, January 16, 2011

All the pretty colors!

While I was stuck on the couch  recovering from my knee and foot surgery, I took up an old pastime.

When I was about 10 years old my grandma taught my older brother and me to crochet. Looking back, I think she taught us so she could have a little piece and quiet. You see we were on a summer trip to Alaska in a pickup truck with a camper. Four of us all cozy in the truck cab for hours and hours each day. I don't think Grandma Dorothy ever got to sit by the window. She had to sit between us squirmy kids. So when the view of the Canadian prairie passing by the window couldn't hold our attention, she taught us to crochet. Nothing fancy. Basic stitches. I made sleeping bags and sheath dresses for every one of my Barbie dolls on that trip!

So there I was on the couch. Bored. Restless. So I dug some cotton ombre out of my yarn basket, took up a wooden hook and started to crochet. Dish clothes in every shape and size with pretty ruffled lacy edges, hot pads and pot handle covers and thick table protectors to put under hot dishes all blues and yellows piled up on the coffee table. My dear husband ,who is always the comic, couldn't resist noting that the pot handle covers looked like they would make nice warm cozies for something more personal.(Use your imagination! Think like a guy!)

Now my kitchen is neither blue or yellow. So I gave piles of crocheted goodies to my daughter and daughter in law for Christmas. I think they both liked them. Lydia asked for an extra long table protector. I'm still working on it. It's taking so much longer now that I'm back at work. I've got about 4 inches to go.
As soon as it's done I'm going to start on dish cloths for my kitchen in brown/green/cream ombre. Hmmm...then I think I'll try the pattern I found for kitchen towels and then...

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