Saturday, May 7, 2011

Wood Cook Stove Research

When we moved from the big house to the little house on the farm I left my Elmira wood cook stove behind. I didn't want to, but there isn't any place for it in the little house. Much to my amazement, my daughter is learning to cook with wood. Will wonders never cease!

Then we moved to an apartment to be closer to Purdue. Gas prices are way to high to be making a 2 hour commute every day. So my daughter and her husband decided to move back to the little house. Again - no place for the cook stove.
After much thought and deliberation and rationalizing and debating and fussing and hemming and hawing - we decided to re-home the wood stove. It went home with a nice lady from Wisconsin. I hope it serves her as well as it did us.

So now I am researching cook stoves so we'll know which one will be best for us when we are ready to set up housekeeping again on a farm. It's amazing in this age of high tech stoves how many different wood cook stoves are available.

I've found all sorts of antique stoves: a mint green Montgomery Ward circa 1930, an 1882 Arcadian, a 1926 Monarch in need of some repair, and several of the old line cabin kind - the ones with just one or too lids and no oven. Prices vary from a couple hundred dollars ( in need of refurbishing) to a $4000 for a totally refurbished stove with new chroming and everything. 

Then there are the modern wood burning cook stoves... I'm still discovering new and more efficient ones online. I'll have to report back

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