Saturday, May 7, 2011

The rise and fall of the round baler

Several years ago - before the "economic downturn"- when we bought our round baler they were hard to find and expensive to buy. Good times. Plenty of folks getting into farming.

We gave $2000 for the baler and felt lucky to find it for such a "low" price. We felt doubly lucky when we found a manual for it online- $10. We spent $1100 for all new belts on it last year. We replaced or had remade all the worn parts. We felt like it was a good investment in a good piece of machinery. We used it one hay season and it worked great. I love that you can make either 4'X4' or 6'X4' bales.

Then Brian decided to go back to college. We made the hard decision to leave the farm and move into an apartment. There's no place to park it at the apartment complex and even less grass around there if you were going to try to make hay.

Problem is, since then the economy has taken a nose dive, farmers who were on the edge have given up and sold out and the horse industry has crashed. Now round balers are pretty easy to find and, relatively speaking, not to expensive.

I'd be happy if we could get $1200 out of it or trade for a bumper pull stock trailer for my daughter and her husband so they can haul their hogs to market.

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