Saturday, April 16, 2011

Weekly preview

So we moved to the apartment and I was worried that I would be bored. Well it hasn't happened yet!

On Monday this week I'm working. So I'll need to clean before I go in. Oh and get some sleep since I will have worked until 4 am.

On Tuesday Lydia and I are heading for KY to visit Emily, Anders, Joel and the soon to be Joel's little brother. I'm looking forward to seeing the new lambs and all the neat new stuff they've planted and all the work they've done on the place since we were there last. Oh and we're bringing them some more of their things from up here.

I'm going to stay over at Lydia and Travis's Tuesday night, then Wednesday Lyd's and I will weed the greenhouse and clean the garages. Oh and mow the grass and get the trimming done that I didn't get to last week.

Thursday is my day to go out to Tranquil Ridge Farm and make good on my commitment to work for my CSA share. I even bought a bicycle so I can go green while going to the farm for my greens. Now I just have to build up enough strength in the leg/knee that I had surgery on last October. Recovery has been frustrating!

Thursday night I'm coming in to work for a little OT. Then Friday my real work week starts again.
I'm sure I forgot something I need to do, but I'll think of it later.

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