Monday, April 11, 2011

A strange walk with the dog

Living in an apartment is requiring us and our dog, Honey to adjust. Honey has to be on a leash at all times. And she has to learn that every little kid or old lady does not think she is cute and that she should be petted and played with. I have to learn that people do things that I consider odd, and unsafe and to pick up dog doodoo. (Yuck!)

When I woke up today, I took Honey out for a brisk hike around the apartment complex. (OK so hike maybe is a stretch.) We went out the back door of our building. Squirrel--- Honey tried to chase it up a tree. Along the back of the building to where the sidewalk ends and there is a bit of grass along the fence --- potty stop. Good thing I remembered the required poo bag. Then on toward the play ground.

Oddly as we were walking along between the parking lot and the fence, a car pulled up in front of us. A little boy about 4 or 5 years old got out and the car drove away. Who does that? Just drop your kid off in the parking lot and drive away. He said "Hi!" as he scampered by avoiding Honey's best efforts to get him to pet her.  Odd.

We walked on toward the playground. Two little girls maybe 6 or 7 years old were playing there. I couldn't see an adult anywhere. I would never have allowed my kids to play unattended at a public playground with out supervision. Wow!

We walked on making a big circle back toward the dumpster (still carrying the poo bag) and our building. As we were coming down the straight stretch toward the dumpster, I looked out across the parking area toward our building. I stopped. I looked again. Yep, I really did see a tiny little girl wearing nothing but pink cowboy boots and a smile climbing into the driver's seat of that car!! OMG Then I saw another little girl - this one had on a dress but no shoes climb into the passenger side. I just stood there gaping.

Just as I'd decided I'd better do something about these two would-be car thieves, a lady stepped out on the balcony just above the car. I won't repeat what she yelled at those little ones, but they high-tailed it into the building.

I am amazed.

What will we see on our walk tomorrow?

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