Friday, April 15, 2011

Another Tranquil Thursday

At Tranquil Ridge farm that is. This was my second Thursday spent working out at the farm. I get there about eight in the morning and stay until two in the afternoon. It works out well now, but I'm thinking in July, August and part of September I'll be getting up a good bit earlier to avoid the heat of the afternoon.

Today I planted 2000 Romaine lettuce seeds in the green house. Then crawled around in the nice brown dirt tucking in strawberry plants. I had dirt on my hands, dirt on my knees and dirt on my backside. It was a wonderful relaxing morning. I got to meet the young man who is working for the farm and we had a nice talk about where we came from and where we are going while we crawled down the paths digging holes with our hands in the soft beds that Nate had tilled and setting strawberry plants.

All too soon it was time to go home. Once again I forgot to bring something to cover my car seat. It had a lovely coating of brown dust by the time I got home. If I keep taking home so much soil they are going to start charging me for it!

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