Monday, July 4, 2011


Last week  Lydia and I picked the last of the beets from the greenhouse. Burpees golden, Chioggia and Bulls blood were cleaned, cooked and peeled. Then we sliced and pickled them with the "Spicy Pickled Beets" recipe from the Ball canning book.
The results: 19 pint jars
We kept the different kinds of beets separate to see how they would do with the canning process. The Chioggia looked a little pale and I was disappointed that the characteristic rings didn't show up well after canning. The golden beets didn't hold their lovely golden color and though they taste wonderful they are not very visually appealing. The Bulls Blood are lovely and delicious.

We have more beets planted in the garden now and plan a fall planting for the greenhouse for fresh eating and greens.


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