Sunday, February 27, 2011

Learning a new climate

No not the apartment climate, silly. Though balcony gardening is on my to do list when we get moved in. In the mean time, I'm reading about how to garden in the wild, wet and oh so wonderful Willamette Valley. Why, you may ask, would I want to know such a thing? Well, it's not exactly a secret that Brian and I want to move to Oregon when Brian completes his undergraduate work and starts his grad work. So I'm getting a jump on the learning curve or gardening curve in this case.
Steve Solomon should know what he's talking about he's spent lots of time living and gardening in Oregon. In fact he founded Territorial Seed Company. So I am gleaning new knowledge for my future garden. At the same time, I've found quite a few tips and tricks that will work here in the midwest, so I'm passing those on to my daughter and son.  One question he hasn't answered yet is: what do you do about the giant Banana Slugs!?! Just thinking about them gives me the creeps. Yuck!!

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