Sunday, June 19, 2011

10 am

Brian peeks his head in the bedroom to ask if I was really serious when I said I wanted to get  up and go to farmers market this morning. I mumbled something and struggled up from sleep. I'd only been asleep about 4 hours after a 12 hour shift at the hospital.

After bumbling into some clothes we headed downtown to the Crawfordsville Farmers Market. It felt funny to be on the buyer's side of the tables. We walked all through the market scoping out what was available, then turned around and made our buying sweep: Honey, raspberry jam, onions, peas, zucchini, tomatoes, french tarragon, chocolate mint, cucumber, cabbage,,,

Folks kept trying to educate us about their products. Hey that used to be my job!

The only person that didn't try to educate us was the lady with the unimaginably gorgeous heads of cauliflower. You have to understand that cauliflower defies  my every effort. Only once in my 49 yrs have I successfully grown heads of lovely creamy white cauliflower. We were in awe of this amazing brassica. Brian and I both tried to weasel the secret of perfect cauliflower out of the lovely Hispanic lady. She only smiled and said you have to have a plan. 

Right I always have  a plan it just very seldom works!

We finally gave up trying to get the secret and just paid for one of her perfect cauliflowers.  It was worth every penny- both pretty and pretty tasty too!

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